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The nerd in me hopes I marry a man with the last name Brown.

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Yeah so if you don’t hear from me the next few days…… #destinybeta

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If anybody has a spare xbox 360 beta code, I’d really appreciate it! 

Signal boost.

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i think you can tell a lot about a person by which harry potter death caused them the most pain

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They say “never show your power level in the early stages of a relationship.”

Well. I do.

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destiny | class vanguards
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reblog if you’re single as fuck

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i love vines and super short videos cause its like “man this video is only 4 seconds how much could happen in 4 seconds” so much man So Much

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Dean 800% done 

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Clip Art reproductions of video game covers

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Halo: Nightfall exclusive image featuring Mike Colter as Agent Locke

We are excited to announce that Mike Colter, best known for his role in CBS’s critically acclaimed drama “The Good Wife,” will star in Halo: Nightfall as Agent Jameson Locke. 

Halo: Nightfall is a live-action digital series that introduces Jameson Locke, a pivotal new character in the Halo universe, who plays a key role in Halo 5: Guardians. Taking place between the events of Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians, this is an origin story that will lend insight and understanding into the character he becomes in Halo 5: Guardians.

Led by world class talent such as executive producer Ridley Scott, Scott Free TV President David Zucker, and director Sergio Mimica-Gezzan, Halo: Nightfall will take full advantage of Xbox One’s seamless blend of high-quality visuals and storytelling and rich interactivity, connecting the games and the series in innovative new ways.

We’ll have more details to share at the SDCC panel on Thursday, July 24. Until then, check out the exclusive image above, and take a gander at these photos below of Mike Colter as Jameson Locke in Halo: Nightfall. 

Read the full Mike Colter Q & A on Variety